Partnering with EPSG



Since 2009, EPSG has been providing exceptional talent acquisition services to large corporations, small businesses and non-profits. 

We utilize our talent and knowledge of 20 years' industry experience to help businesses build great teams!




One of EPSG’s goals is to save companies money and prove the value of utilizing our professional placement service.  The expense to a company to find exceptional talent on its own can be very costly.  Consider the time and money spent by management and support staff to create ads, pay for ads, review resumes, pre-screen candidates, respond to all resumes and calls; AND with no guarantee of a hire.

EPSG, Inc. handles all candidate search responsibilities at no cost to the company until a decision to hire a referred candidate is made. Many other items demand your attention...our assisting with the recruiting efforts gives clients and their staff one less thing to deal with each day. 




Concentration is also given to working directly with candidates to place them in long-term, rewarding careers.  We learn what is important to the candidate to ensure job and career satisfaction.

We will prove to be your only call when it comes to talent acquisition.