Words from Candidates and Clients

 “Marie is tenacious and an expert recruiting agent. She aggressively pursues qualified candidates while understanding the goals and objectives of her business clients. Marie consistently exceeds her counterparts and discovers new talent on a continual basis. Marie's work ethic and professionalism are exceptional and would compliment any business team. - Human Resources Manager

 “Marie is a very upbeat and professional person who has provided me and my company with consistent, excellent service. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of recruiting expertise!." - CIO

“I immediately appreciated working with Marie for her professionalism, reactivity and quality of her work.  We have worked together on multiple recruitments in Quality, Engineering and Commercial domains.  She takes care to precisely understand the Company needs: technical and personality skills.  Marie has built a real partnership with our company.”   - Human Resources Director, Manufacturing


“I have found Marie to be a pleasant person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task.  She has been one of our most dedicated resources.  Marie is an independent, self directed person who is able to communicate extremely effectively and has met even the most demanding staffing challenges.  She takes the time to understand our requirements and then has an uncanny ability to find the right candidate.” - Vice President, Information Technology

 “I am impressed with your sincerity as a Recruiter”.  - Financial Analyst Candidate

"I appreciated your interview style.  I think it allowed me to paint a really good picture of where I would like to be."  - IT Support Candidate